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Air purifier plastic parts
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Air purifier plastic parts

  • WG-CE187600116

Product Description

         Function: soy milk, juice, dry grinding applicable number: 4-5 people: volume 1 L to 1.5 L power/power consumption: 250-300 - w (excluding 300 w) speed regulation: 2 Sun juicer JYZ - A511: function with juice, stirring, dry grinding, mince, four kinds of functions Stainless steel filter, to extract more fruit
       Anion main function is health care function, negative oxygen ions are inhaled, can adjust the nerve center of excited state, improve the pulmonary ventilation function, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance the capacity of the immune system, energizing, improve work efficiency and so on.
It also has a certain therapeutic effect on many diseases such as hypertension, asthma, flu, insomnia, arthritis and so on, so called negative ions are "vitamins in the air".
Another negative ion has the function of dust anion in air purifier is mainly have the effect of the dust, because of the negative ion with negative and positive air fly ash without charge after the settlement, make the air purification.



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