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Electronic cigarettes plastic parts
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Electronic cigarettes plastic parts

  • WG-CE187600115

Product Description

   How to use electronic cigarette
Do not be careful when using suction, but not too hard but smoke. Because too hard suction, the liquid smoke is directly sucked into the mouth, and not through the atomizer atomization. So gently smoke suction and smoke more.
When smoking, please pay attention to keep breathing for a long time, because the absorption of a little time can make the cigarette smoke in the atomizer atomization, resulting in more smoke.
Note the use of point of view, to keep the cigarette holder up, the cigarette rod downward tilt, if the cigarette when the cigarette holder down the cigarette up, then due to the gravity of the smoke will flow down into his mouth.
When the smoke liquid is sucked into the mouth, remove the bombs and disassemble and wipe off the excess overflow liquid from the cigarette holder and the atomizer.
To keep the battery has enough power, lack of electricity will lead to the smoke liquid is not fully atomized and sucked into the mouth.
Electronic cigarettes are electronic cigarettes that mimic the appearance, smoke, taste and feel of cigarettes. It is through atomization and other means, such as nicotine into steam, allowing users to take a product.
WHO conducted a study on e-cigarettes and came to a clear conclusion: e-cigarettes are harmful to public health and not to mention smoking cessation. They must be strengthened to prevent them from harming young people and non-smokers.



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