New training summary
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New training summary

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                                     New recruits the summary
1, work to fulfill their duties, the honest code of honor, responsibility awareness. At work, every link of operation shall be carried out step by step, in strict accordance with the procedures, meticulous, handle affairs by the chapter. Because every little detail relationship with the normal running of a factory production, there cannot be any matter. Responsibility is everyone do their duties within the scope of every little thing. Responsibility is to yourself to be a principle of doing things, is a kind of request, from the heart is bad to do one thing will never give up spirit, is a man who can shoulder the manhood. Proved to have the sense of responsibility, the two very different, it is a kind of spirit, is a kind of style, a bear, a kind of constraint, a kind of power, is also a kind of charm
2, to cultivate excellent expression ability, communication skills and team spirit.For a collective, a company, or even a country, team spirit is very critical.Today, as our company is on the path of rapid development, living in such groups, make a better performance, achieve more harvest, is particularly important.In the company in this big family, the collective, I deeply feel the true meaning of unity is strength.I will as soon as possible into this big family, and constantly strengthen his team cooperation spirit, the team is not one thing, in a team, everyone must go all out to play to their maximum potential, and loyalty to the enterprise
3, should change passive to active, set appropriate goals for yourself.No longer just passively waiting for someone tell me what I should do, but should be active to understand what you want to do, make reasonable planning for the future, and then go all out to achieve the goal.In today's world, successful people who have made outstanding achievements, there are a few people are passive, not active?Therefore, to devote their work and career, active completing an assignment, constantly improve their professional quality.Attitude decides everything, attitude is very important.In conclude goal, should let go of thinking, standing on a higher starting point, set yourself a more challenging standards, have a clear direction and broad prospects, do not do "tunnel vision".Only stand higher, can see farther    
        learning and technology, to learn more, to have the heart of enterprising.During the training, I met a few very worth I respect teacher, I feel most teachers do not only teach us professional knowledge, more education we how to behave, how to do a good job in interpersonal relationships.This knowledge is books in the school less than I'm afraid, we have benefited a lot from indeed.Masters in addition to the professional technology without reservation to teach, and takes good care to in life, also give me advice in many other aspects, including life, think of problem, analysis problem of point of view, thinking method and so on.For example, to listen to the criticism and the opinion of others, to accept criticism, and to learn your lesson, sum up experience, strive for greater progress.They inculcate my faster growth, more adapt to the new work, new environment.所有种类的插头IMG_117112121212V
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