One the customs information (Vietnam)
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One the customs information (Vietnam)

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1, the wine:

Individuals are not allowed to import liquor products, the company must have the import license; Link:



2, textiles:


Besides the following categories, other imported to Vietnam's textile and clothing products with formaldehyde and aromatic amine detection:


A) raw yarn or fabric

B) foreign objects, such as: items within the diplomatic mail bags

C) personal items or gifts (according to the Vietnamese customs policy not to levy standard)


If the item has a well-known brand logo or tag, the importer must provide the brand owner (the company) issued by the use of the power of attorney.



If clothing imported products, the sender must provide with the clothing of the same cloth as sample, the sample size of not less than 20 x20cm, at the same time to provide manufacturers signature credit guarantee (proved to be of the same material); If there is no sample, the clothes will be cut for testing.



3, toys, household appliances:

Toys, household products and appliances need quality certificate issued by the inspection center of Vietnam including but not limited to: motorcycle helmet, voltage is less than 450/750 v of insulated wire, microwave oven, electric cooker, electric stove, oven, electric fryer, electric oven, coffee/tea machine, electric fans, toys (3), electric kettle, electric iron, hand dryer, hair dryer, hair curler, immersion electric water heater, electric heating/heat preservation pot, instant water heater



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