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USB mini humidifier
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USB mini humidifier

  • WG-CE187600112

Product Description

     1, moisturize the air, purify the environment With the improvement of people's living standards, air conditioners are widely used, resulting in skin tightness, dry mouth, cold cough and other air-conditioning diseases. Part of the humidifier can also release a large amount of negative oxygen ions in the atomization process, which can effectively increase the indoor humidity, moisturize the dry air, combine with the floating smoke and dust in the air to precipitate, effectively remove the paint smell, the musty smell, Smoke and odor, make the air more fresh, protect you and your family's health.

    2, nourish the skin, beauty beauty Hot summer and abnormal dry winter, leading to excessive loss of human skin moisture, accelerate the aging of life, moist air to maintain vitality, the product to create foggy oxygen bar, moisturize the skin and promote the face Cell blood circulation and metabolism, relieve nervous tension, eliminate fatigue, make you radiant. 

    3, Add adjuvant, aromatherapy therapy Add plant essential oil or liquid in the water, with the water spray, room full of incense, so that the body more easily absorbed, there is healing recuperation, health care and therapeutic effects, especially for skin allergies, insomnia, Cough, asthma has an excellent supporting effect, is the best replacement for traditional aromatherapy products.

     4, fashion display, beautiful and practical Adorable fashion cartoon style, the floating clouds dreamy, such as romantic fairyland, enough to make people have unusual creative inspiration. Automatic water protection, fog can be adjusted, the humidity is automatically balanced.



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